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Many references to HireWriters.com (HW), a new content broker site, have come across my computer screen lately, so here we are having a look into it. On the surface HW seems to be a viable platform for content writing, but it is new so we’ll want to look into it further before giving it a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

My initial research took me to the HW home page where the site promotes that a 300 word article can be bought for as low as a $1.50. This made me a bit skeptical as to how a writer living in one of the more expensive world economies could make it worth their while to write at HW Buy Child Labor Thesis

As I dug into the site I found that writers are able to advance their credentials and earn higher fees for their efforts after submitting a relatively low number of qualifying articles. According to the information provided on the HW site – At the highest level a writer can earn as much as $10.66 for the same 300 word article.

New writers start at the beginners level and after providing three quality articles can move to the next t level of expertise (General). Additional submissions should then advance a writer to greater opportunities within the HW community.

You’ll Need a PayPal Account

The sign up is easy enough, but you will need to have PayPal account in order to get paid. According to the site, payment is made to you every Friday, if you meet the $10.00 minimum earnings threshold.

After signing up I went directly to the profile page and filled out the bio-page information, including excerpts from some of my previous articles. I’m not sure how necessary any of the writing portfolio information was as I found three small projects that simply needed to be accepted in order to get the jobs.

I worked out those first three projects (about 250 words each) in a couple of hours and submitted them. Three days ( actually two and half) after my articles had been submitted I still had not heard back from the article buyer as to whether or not my articles had been accepted.

I found it very bothersome that I had to wait this longs, so on the morning of the third day I sent an inquiry to the HW help desk to ask if article buyers had to respond within a specific time period http://www.propaperswriting.com/

The answer was; 72 hours. If after 72 hours the article buyer does not respond, the article automatically becomes approved and you get paid.

A few hours later my articles were actually all approved and I was awarded $1.18 per submission. I earned my first $3.84 at HW. More importantly and the reason I chose to get three articles completed as soon as possible was that three approved submissions takes me from a beginner status to the next level, which is “General” and allows me to write in a higher paying category.